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September 16, 2017 - October 14, 2017
Route 66 2017 
Military Vehicle
Convoy On-The-Air
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How this all got started ! 

The Convoy On-The-Air idea was created by 2 members of the MVPA- Military Vehicle Preservation Association- that are also licensed Ham Radio Operators. It started with the 2015 MVPA cross-country convoy along the BankHead Highway that was a very special kind of "patriotic parade" that took a whole month to travel 3498 miles from Washington, DC to San Diego, CA.  Being unable to drive along with the convoy, the idea was born - "What about having Ham Radio Clubs operate Special Event Stations during that same month-long time frame to honor and bring awareness to the MVPA Convoy?" That way they could participate with and support the Convoy without actually driving in the convoy!


The Ham Radio connection - Convoy On-The-Air - was proposed to the MVPA Convoy Committee during the preliminary planning meeting in Romeo, FL in the early spring of 2014.  Approval was granted, which allowed for the "sharing" of logos, communications, links etc.  The approval also allowed the Ham Radio side of the "event" to conduct their own activities in conjunction with the MVPA Convoy, without any direct input or influence by either group to the other side. This year, there are (2) vehicles in the convoy -  the "Lead & Tail" vehicles - that have been equipped with Ham Radio APRS tracking equipment, so the whole world can see the almost instant "real time" position of the MVPA Convoy by using our "Track the Convoy" button above.


The Ham Radio Coordinators - the "Host" of the Convoy On-The-Air Event

will operate throughout the Route 66 2017 convoy period from Ocala, Marion County area of FL

with (4) Special Event Station call signs- one for each week of the convoy journey.


K4 "M"
K4 "V"
K4 "P"
K4 "A"


They will be joined locally by other area Ham Radio Operators from the

Ocala - Marion County area of Florida, most of whom belong to the

Sun Country Amateur Radio Society- SCARS.


There is also a "CLEAN SWEEP" endorsement available to

 Ham Radio Operators that can make successful contact with

all (4) of the "MVPA" call signs noted above. 


The RT 66 '17 MVPA Convoy will depart from Chicago, IL on Sept 16th, 2017 and arrive in Santa Monica, CA on Oct 14th, 2017.  The Ham Radio Special Event will be active from Sept 16th - Oct 14th, 2017, as well. They will operate with the Special Call Signs noted above, and will try to make radio contacts with other Hams around the world.


A commemorative QSL card will be available to Ham Radio stations making a QSO contact with any of the (4) Special Event Stations. QSL cards will be offered and processed by the Host Station.


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