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The following description of Amateur Radio was created and provided by the
Amateur Radio Relay League- ARRL 
Below is a link to another great resource for Ham Radio - provided by K4HM - from the Raleigh ARS. This shows all of the many and varied aspects and "hobby within a hobby" special interest areas of Ham Radio.


What is Amateur Radio?

Amateur, or “Ham,” Radio, is a popular service and hobby in which federally licensed participants operate communications equipment. There are over 725,000 licensed amateurs in the United States and over 3 million amateurs worldwide. Hams talk to each other across town, around the world and even into space without the need for normal communications infrastructure, such as cell phone networks or the Internet. Amateur Radio is regularly used during natural disasters to help local emergency and served agencies respond when normal communications methods are disrupted. Amateur Radio is a great source of electronics experimentation, public service and fun.


Amateurs played a critical communications role in several high-profile disasters and emergencies in the past three years:

·         Boston Marathon Bombing (2013)

·        Colorado flooding  (2013)

·         Arkansas tornadoes (2014)

·        Oso, Washington landslide (2014)

·         Texas/Oklahoma flooding (2015)

·        Illinois tornadoes (2015)

How much does ham radio cost?

Basic study materials to get your entry-level license cost less than $40. Taking a license class sponsored by a local Amateur Radio club is the best way to go, but there are plenty of online courses and instruction materials, too.

 Once you have your first license, you may find it best to start with simple equipment and build your station over time. You can find a good handheld radio for under $100 and start saying hello to the world!

 What is the ARRL?

Founded in 1914, the 167,000-member American Radio Relay League (ARRL) is the national association for Amateur Radio in the United States. Many countries also have their own national associations. Based outside Hartford, Connecticut in the town of Newington, ARRL is the primary source of information about what is going on in the ham radio world. It provides books, news, study materials, and support and training for individuals and over 2,000 Amateur Radio clubs throughout the United States. ARRL also sponsors many on-air operating events, continuing education classes, and many other benefits for its members.

More information on Amateur Radio’s role in emergencies at

More information on Amateur Radio can be found at

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The MVPA ( ) is an organization with its mission “To provide an international organization for military vehicle enthusiasts, historians, preservationists and collectors interested in the acquisition, restoration, preservation, safe operation and public education of historic military transport”. We have over 8,000 members globally and over 35 years as an organization. The MVPA is a registered US 501(c)(10) organization. The MVPA has local affiliate clubs and members all over the world.


In 1919 the US ARMY conducted the US Army Transcontinental Motor Convoy – the first-ever Convoy across the US traversing along the Lincoln Highway. The Army was determined to further their understanding of the practicality of motorized transport and its place in the US Army. 


The Military Vehicle Preservation Association (MVPA) will conduct a Route 66 Convoy from Chicago, IL on Saturday, September 16th, 2017 and arrive in Santa Monica, CA - 29 days later - on Saturday, October 14th, 2017.


The text above used with permission of the MVPA Convoy Team.
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Sun Country ARS was formed in the 1980's and became an ARRL Chartered Club.  Over time, membership dropped as the local Ham Radio Operators aged and became less active.  Without enough "willing" members to be officers - (as required to maintain the ARRL Charter) - the club transitioned to a "Social club for Ham Radio Enthusiasts".  We have no officers, no rules, and no dues.  We meet twice a month at local area restaurants, where the discussions include everything about Ham Radio - technical and otherwise - to whatever “other” interests are desired.  A few long time founding members own & maintain the local 146.970, 444.325 & 224.100 repeaters, (the antennas are located about 1000 ft elevation).  The repeaters are open, and all are welcome.  We found an Internet post that SCARS was voted “Friendliest Repeater” (we do not who “voted” or made the claim). Yearly, we provide (6) Ham Radio test sessions, during the even months of the year.  After becoming a “social” club, our membership has increased over the years, includes a handful of wives that have obtained their Ham Radio Licenses and have members who live or work in 7 surrounding counties of North Central Florida. 


Club website

See webpages for KA4WJR for more information about

the other Special events for our group -

Mount Dora Lighthouse - Spring & Aug 2013,

Silver Springs State Park- Home of the Glass Bottom Boats - April 2015

BankHead Military Vehicle Convoy-on-the-Air Multiple Station Event - Fall 2015


The Event Coordinators for the Route 66 2017 
Military Vehicle Convoy On-The-Air Special Event
are members of Sun Country Amateur Radio Society
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