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MVPA - Military Vehicle Preservation Association. The name says it all about their mission & purpose - to PRESERVE the Military Vehicles that helped the Armed Forces around the world achieve the goals that made great nations! To Educate the world about the history of the Military Vehicle.  And to have a great time enjoying the hobby of Military Vehicles and all things "OD" -  or "ODD" as some would call this obsession with "Olive Drab" !
ARRL - Amateur Radio Relay League. Created in 1914 at the urging of Hiram Percy Maxim, the ARRL is the foremost Ham Radio organization in the United States.  Once necessary for long distance communication, the Radio Waves have generated more technological and innovative enhancements to our well being than most other "industries". The ARRL is THE VOICE of the Ham Radio hobby. Morse code is no longer required to get a Ham Radio License of 3 different levels - Technician, General and Extra Class - with additional frequency privileges for each higher level of license you may achieve. Even though Morse Code is not required any longer,  the popularity has continued to rise, with more operators using the CW mode than in past decades.  Voice, digital, satellite and moon bounce, remote control & beacons are but a few of the areas of interest within the hobby. is a Ham Radio call sign database website. They use the FCC Licensing Database for all call sign details. In addition, the Call Sign License Holder can customize their "" webpage with any Ham Radio related content they desire. See website for additional details and links for Ham Radio.
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Sun Country Amateur Radio Society - SCARS
Some Ham Radio Operators from Marion, Levy & Citrus Counties of North Central Florida have volunteered their time & efforts to the month long Convoy On-The-Air Special Event
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